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Is your company growing? Are your customers taking longer to pay? If you answered yes to either of those two questions then your company is a perfect candidate for our invoice factoring services. Stop waiting 30, 60, 90 or more days to collect on your invoices. With our invoice factoring services you can get paid in as little as four hours. Invoice factoring is more affordable than you think. Call the company invoice factoring specialists today and let us help your cash flow tomorrow. We look forward to helping your company with all their invoice factoring needs.

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Stop Waiting 30, 60 or 90 days for payment – Receive Payment Next Day!

How Invoice Factoring Works:

Deliver Your Goods Or Services

You provide delivery of the goods and/or services to your customer.

Submit the Invoice To Us

Your company generates an invoice & faxes it to us to factor – 1-866-812-2936 (fax)

You Are Paid Immediately

The Bank Wires you cash for 70-90% of that invoice in 24 hours

We Close The Invoice

The Bank collects the invoice and pay you the remaining balance less their small fee. Get a quote today and get paid tomorrow!


Our Invoice Factoring

  • No time in business requirements

  • No Financials or bank statements needed

  • No minimum credit score required

  • One page Application

  • Same Day approval typical

  • No ongoing monitoring of business operations


Traditional Bank Financing

  • Typically a minimum of 2-3 years in business required

  • Bank Statements or financial statements may be required

  • Typically a min credit score of 650+ is required for “A” deals

  • May have additional forms needed based on credit

  • The approval times can vary greatly

  • Many banks require ongoing financial oversight

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