Budgeting and Keeping Healthy Cash Flow in the Off-Season

No matter how busy you are when business is booming, if you have a seasonal business, it’s crucial that you plan for and budget for the off-season. Understanding the ebb and flow of business includes having a plan for keeping good cash flow, reducing expenses and exploring new business opportunities to boost business during the troughs.

Why Businesses Need Positive Working Capital

Every business needs positive working capital. That’s especially true when it’s possible that a recession could be on the horizon—but it’s also true even when times are booming. Working capital opens doors. It creates potential and possibilities. Here are some of the core reasons why businesses need to have working capital on hand.
Working Capital Is Imperative for the Farming Industry

Working Capital Is Imperative for the Farming Industry

Many farms are finding it difficult to make ends meet. Not only is the recession potentially coming, but there are many economic uncertainties regarding foreign trade. Some farmers, like those who grow soybeans, have been left adrift by these changes. That doesn’t mean that farms aren’t going to survive, but it does mean they need […]