Top 5 Reasons to Lease/Finance Your Business Equipment

Top 5 Reasons to Lease/Finance Your Business Equipment

Whether you’re trying to expand or simply support your current client base, your business needs equipment. But not all businesses are in the position to invest money in purchasing new property. Instead of purchasing equipment brand new, you may want to consider either leasing or financing. Either can be achieved without having to tap out […]
Working Capital

Importance of Working Capital

Working capital (WC) is an important metric for all businesses, regardless of their size. WC is a signal of a company’s operating liquidity . Having enough WC means that the company should be able to pay for all of its short-term expenses and liabilities. Large companies pay attention to WC for the same reason as […]
Business Financing

Advantages of Working Capital to Finance a Business

Owners of businesses that have been around for several years understand how important cash and cash flow are to their company’s health and viability. Strongly positive operational cash flow, or the cash flow the company generates from its business operations, means the company does not need to rely on financing or the sale of its […]